System Integration

It is now easier than ever to build a customised, integrated security system just for you. Thanks to recent advances in technology both hardware and software are now able to communicate via the IP-Protocol. This allows multiple products and devices to work together, creating intelligent solutions to meet specific business needs.

Designing and building such a security solution is called System Integration. ThisĀ could mean retrieving CCTV footage associated with an alarm event, to provide more sophisticated event tracing. In a retailĀ setting, it could be enabling detailed analytics of customer behaviour, or perhaps pinpointing security concerns, such as an unattended package. In a car park, the need for ticketing machines can be completely eliminated with a combination of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), CCTV and access control. And in a business environment, access control can be incorporated into staff management software to manage payroll and attendance.

The possibilities are endless and we are ready to provide you with a state of the art integrated security solution to suit your organisation.