Alarm Monitoring

A back to base alarm monitoring service provides the reassurance that your security system will be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, protecting your business and your assets. Our experienced operators will respond to an alarm and follow a pre-determined procedure to resolve the situation. This could involve contacting a nominated person in your business, sending a guard to inspect, or liaising with emergency services.

At BV Security, we offer three levels of alarm monitoring, from basic to comprehensive:
With our basic dialler service the control centre is alerted via the existing telephone line in the event of an alarm being activated.
Our intermediate service communicates via IP, with 3G/GPRS as backup in the event of an ethernet failure. Data is encrypted, making this option more secure and the service is NBN ready. As the alert because it is a packet of data, there is no sending the signal, making this a more economical solution.
Our comprehensive service uses dual sim cards (3G and GPRS), with IP as a backup, and offers the highest level of reliability. Additionally, with this level of support, the operator can log into the camera, assess the situation and carry out procedures as per the agreement, including verifying if there is genuinely a security incident, thus eliminating false alarms and unnecessary contact.