These days it is recommended for an educational institute to have some form of CCTV security system installed to help ensure the safety of staff and students, and to protect the premises against vandalism, theft, and unauthorised access. With the addition of an access control system, even greater control of persons leaving and entering the site is possible.

The uses of video surveillance go beyond crime prevention or detection. It can also act as a deterrent against anti-social behaviour, such as vandalism or bullying, which is particularly useful in large schools where staff are unable to monitor all areas.

High quality, easy to retrieve footage makes resolving incidents easy and, because we use high resolution IP cameras, fewer cameras are needed to achieve effective coverage, offering a more economical solution.

We are fully versed in the legal requirements CCTV technology in schools, which is a sensitive issue and we can assist with ensuring your system is fully compliant and has the necessary safeguards in place to meet government regulations surrounding the surveillance of adults and minors in a education setting.